Religious division causes insecurity in Nigeria – Rev. Dr Onuche alleges

The Senior Pastor of Landmark International Baptist Church, Kaduna, Rev. Dr Joe Onuche, has opined that the present challenges Nigeria is going through are a result of religious division.

Speaking to DAILY POST after a morning prayer organised by the Church, titled, “Jesus the bread of life”, he said, “The problem the country is facing is caused by religious division. A particular group is killing people and destroying property all in the name of religion.”

He lamented, “The major problem Nigeria is facing is there is a lot of violence and only God will help us through by taking the case of the country to the Lord in prayers and fasting asking for His divine intervention for the restoration of the country.”

He noted that the activities of a group in the name of religion have caused more harm than good which is contrary to+ the peace, unity and development of the country, adding that it has made it impossible for foreign investors to invest in the country for its development.

Speaking of the same faith ticket in the forthcoming general elections in the country, Rev. Dr Onuche said Nigeria is not ripe for the same faith ticket, saying, “The antecedents of the present administration from 2015 to date is a clear demonstration that the same faith ticket will do more harm than good to the diverse people of this country.

“Any sensible Nigerian whether Muslim or Christian will automatically distance him or herself from the same faith ticket because Nigeria is not ripe for that at…

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