Is leadership really the main problem of Africa? (1), By Sunday Adelaja

…when it comes to building a nation, even though leadership is important, but it is not of overwhelming significance. The role of leadership might be more significant when we are talking of businesses, companies, or smaller units like the family, communities, associations, industries, etc.

In addressing this subject of leadership, I am going to be using my country, Nigeria, as a case study for several reasons: (1) Because that is where I come from and I am more familiar with it than any other country; (2.)  Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, therefore whatever affects Nigeria affects all of Africa; (3) It has become a “proverb” all over the world how bad leadership is ruining Nigeria.

Ever since I was a young teenager growing up in Africa, I kept hearing it continuously, almost like a mantra, “that our only problem in Nigeria is leadership” or “that our biggest problem in Nigeria is leadership” etc.

Books have been written about this, seminars are unending on this topic, symposiums, colloquia, all kinds of platforms and avenues where various experts, teachers, writers, professors, have tried to foster solutions to this all abiding problem of leadership in Nigeria and Africa.

To the man on the street, however, who does not go to these symposiums and seminars, he is only left with hope. Hope that one day there would arise a kind and lovely leader who will build a wonderful nation for them, where everyone would be happy and satisfied….

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