Nigeria and its conspiracy theories, By Uddin Ifeanyi

… conspiracy theorising is totally African. The hex, the banshee who wailed last night (and the child who died this morning), the babalawo, dibia and bokaa are all cut of the same fabric. As balefully influential as the woke Left in the US (if you are fringe Republican), or as maliciously dangerous as the MAGA group (if you are progressive). Together, these elements (add the bandits, terrorists, etc. who now also threaten us) heighten our sense of victimhood. They absolve us of responsibility for our current state. And they have us focussed on the wrong solutions.

Donald Trump and senior members of his administration knew that he lost the elections for the office of the president of the United States in 2020. The same cannot be said of a large section of the electorate in the US who still plumb for him. For this group of voters, the malevolent influence of big tech (hostile to conservative views), George Soros (Victor Orban, Hungary’s president, loathes him), and woke crypto-communists somehow arranged to steal the vote from their candidate. It does not matter that facts, including official investigations by members of the Republican Party, failed to yield evidence in support of this view. That was always to be expected, of course. The anti-American forces coalesced against the 45th president of the US are especially skilled in arts so dark, they perpetrate their crimes ― including child sacrifices ― in plain sight.

That, incidentally, is one strength…

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