‘The Left Can’t Meme’: White House Staffer Tweets Biden Meme With Symbol Resembling Nazi Germany Imperial Eagle

President Joe Biden‘s staffer tweeted a meme Sunday of a super-imposed picture of the president standing in front of what resembles the Reichsadler Eagle symbol used by Germany’s Nazi Party.

Andrew Bates, deputy press secretary for the White House, tweeted on Sunday a meme that altered the movie poster of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final installment of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

“THE DARK BRANDON RISES,” the meme reads with Biden standing in front of a flaming Nazi Germany eagle symbol replacing the bat symbol, wearing a black suit, striped tie, and an eye patch.

“THE MALARKEY WILL END,” the tagline reads on the altered image.

Bates replied to a quote tweet from an original post of a separate Biden meme with laser eyes that read, “Your malarkey has been going on for long enough, kiddo.”

“Dark Brandon is crushing it,” Bates tweeted.

Biden’s communications army has attempted to make the “Dark Brandon” trend happen since March in response to America First Conservatives, who initially started using the phrase “Dark MAGA.”

One could argue that the symbol looks closer to the classic emblem for the Ford Thunderbird, which has straight edges on the wings rather than the curved imperial eagle wings. However, Twitter users took the opportunity to slam the tweet and the “Dark Brandon” trend.

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida’s Gov. Ron…

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