Gender inequality may cost Nigeria SDGs target  – CSOs

The inequality between men and women would cost West African countries, especially Nigeria, the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the West Africa Civil Society Initiative and BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights have warned.

They, therefore, demanded that men and women should be given equality in politics, government, economy, and other spheres of life.

The Executive Director of BAOBAB, Dr. Bunmi Dipo-Salami and Executive Director of WACSI, Nana

Santua Afadzinu, stated these in separate interviews with The PUNCH in Abuja during the West Africa intergenerational feminist forum with the theme: ‘Building collective power for gender equality and justice’, with participants from seven countries.

According to them, society will not move forward without women reaching their full potential and having all opportunities.

Dipo-Salami said, “Of course, when there is inequality, there can’t be growth, that will be like clapping with one hand. So, if you want to reach a goal and there are a million people and you want only 500,000 people to work towards the actualization of that goal and you leave out an entire 500,000 you are not going to be successful.

“So, we should stop clapping with one hand, we should stop running, trying to run with just one leg and we should stop trying to fly with just one wing in Nigeria. If we will bring women to the table and be partners as God has created all of us, Nigeria…

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