IoTs and combating Nigeria’s security challenges, By Zeenat Sambo

Surveillance Robots

The developed nations’ use of IoT has over time strengthened their security forces and protected their territories. In Nigeria, the use of IoT devices for security purposes, such as intruder detection, web cameras, and war machines with censors to automate as operated, have re-emphasised the need to recognise its rightful use for cyber protection.

As Nigeria’s insecurity challenge continues to defy all measures put in place to curtail its spread, stakeholders should start looking at other alternatives offered by technology, one of which is the application of the Internet of Things (IoTs).

IoT is the network of billions of physical devices connected to the internet and equally used to share data.

The integration of IoTs in new technologies to combat security is expected to advance and equally revolutionise human technological operations in managing the communication programme involved effectively. This is to ensure that the IoTs are utilised in such a manner that does not pose any threat to national security when used in combating crimes and insecurity.

To that effect, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Mallam Isa Ibrahim Pantami disclosed that Nigeria’s telecoms regulatory framework has since been designed to address the challenges that may arrive with the advancement of the IoTs in the country.

The minister spoke at twin events titled, Stakeholders Consultative Forum on Regulatory Roadmap for IoTs Ecosystem in Nigeria,…

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