Trump targeted by Biden administration, and they can do it to you, too

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we’re watching it play out in real time. On August 8, the Biden Justice Department’s unannounced raid of former President Donald Trump’s home crossed a line that has left many Americans wondering what’s happened to our country. Using third-world tactics like this against a former president is unacceptable in a vacuum. 

It’s even worse considering that this is just part of a pattern of bureaucratic abuse against Trump. By weaponizing the Justice Department to punish and intimidate their political opponents, the Biden administration and Democrats have shown just how far they’re willing to go to maintain their failed grip on power. 

Remember the Russia Hoax, when tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and endless hours of breathless media coverage gave us the Mueller Report? That years-long smear campaign concluded there was no collusion and no obstruction of justice on the part of Trump. Instead of apologizing and moving on, Democrats and bureaucrats doubled down with a sham impeachment which saw Trump acquitted by the Senate. Time and time again, Washington elites have tried to take Trump down. Why? Because he effectively spoke up for the American people, and the D.C. swamp didn’t take kindly to it.  


How is this the federal government’s priority right now? I doubt that Americans…

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