Biden to stay ‘laser focused’ on legislative accomplishments amid Trump investigations

Even as federal and state investigations into former President Donald Trump heat up and dominate headlines, senior administration officials said Biden and his surrogates will be “laser focused” in talking about policies that his administration and Democrats in Congress are delivering. The White House is launching a messaging push in the coming weeks that seeks to tout those accomplishments and paint congressional Republicans as siding with special interest groups and “pushing an extreme MAGA agenda.”

“We understand there’ll be a lot of things that will be in the news, but we’re going to speak to people and their lives,” one senior administration official said. “We think that’s going to get heard. And we think it’s going to get heard because it’s really essential to people’s lives and their concerns.”

A second senior administration official said Biden has “never shied away” from calling out Trump and threats to democracy, but said, “We’re also not going to let that cloud our focus on the progress that we’ve made, on the things that President Biden has been able to do to lower costs for families.”

“We’re going to be laser focused on the things that we’ve done to make progress in people’s lives,” the official said.

The White House has been reluctant to weigh in on the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, stressing the independence of the Justice Department. But the high-profile search has left the White House fighting for space in the news as Biden tried to celebrate…

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