How Nigeria’s 2023 Census can be more accurate

President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in Abuja said the deployment of digital technology in the 2023 National Population and Housing Census will ensure effectiveness and more accuracy in the figures, while noting that Nigeria could rank third largest in the world by 2050, after China and India.

Speaking at the national stakeholders’ summit on the 2023 Population and Housing Census held at the State House, President Buhari said a “reliable, credible, acceptable and successful census’’ will help the government in planning purposes for development, especially in bolstering the social security programme that targets more vulnerable Nigerians.

“The country’s inability to conduct a population census in the last 16 years has created an information vacuum as the data from the last census conducted in 2006 has been rendered out of date for planning purposes. It has therefore become imperative for the nation to conduct another national census to produce a new set of demographic and socio-economic data that will provide the basis for national planning and sustainable development.

“Population is a critical factor in a nation’s efforts toward achieving sustainable development. People are both the agents and beneficiaries of the development process. Knowledge of the national population in terms of size, distribution and socio-economic characteristics is required for planning purposes. This, therefore, makes the conduct of census an essential governance…

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How Nigeria can be accurate in 2023 census – Buhari

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