AFF’s rally for gender inclusive governance in Nigeria, By Ololade Bamidele

Gender inclusion

The highly innovative factor that the Akin Fadeyi Foundation has brought to bear on this is in taking a proactive lead by offering a platform for the voices and ideas of women to be heard, on how they would remake Nigeria when they come into opportunities for this in positions of leadership. More than mere affirmation, this bold initiative of AFF not only advances the enlightened course of balance and healing in the Nigerian society, and yet indicates how truly the future could be female.

Reconstituting the Template for Greater Engagement

What can woman really do to reform Nigeria? If availed the reins of governance in the country, what would they do differently at the various levels and tiers of government that will add value to our society, and promote the attainment of the public good in a fundamental sense?

Yet, another way of considering the foregoing and the raft of cognate questions they inspire is through the following appraisal: What do women represent as essential stakeholders in the Nigerian society? And, in extending the correlative logic of the aforesaid: What have they been doing so far? Or, what have they not been able to do, and why have these been so?

If women constitute about 50% of the Nigerian population and are claimed to be 75% of voters at elections, then it becomes crucial to reconsider why the interests of women barely come through in the design of public policy, or why they are hardly present within the structures of…

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