Biden, Democrats try to redefine ‘recession,’ ‘women,’ and more

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This week, the Consumer Price Index soared by 8.5 percent compared to last year as Americans continue to struggle to afford everyday items. Instead of acknowledging the inflation crisis and the impact it’s having on families nationwide, Joe Biden tried to claim that the numbers showed “zero” inflation. As Biden settles into a week-long beach vacation, he doesn’t care about what voters think: he cares about avoiding blame for the crises he created. In other words, he is lying, and it’s not the first time. 

Remember how he and his administration described inflation as “temporary” and “transitory” even as skyrocketing prices kneecapped families and made essential goods almost unattainable? Obama-Biden administration economists warned that pumping needless trillions into the economy would have negative consequences, but for Joe Biden all that matters is trying to change the narrative for political gain. 

Biden tried the same cheap sleight of hand with the gas crisis his policies created. Gas prices are close to $2 more per gallon than when Biden took office, and yet he had the audacity to claim Americans are “saving” money on gas. In fact, the average family has lost $1,500 due to higher energy prices since Biden took office.

Two weeks ago, new economic data clearly illustrated that America is experiencing a recession. Joe Biden seems to be the only person who disagrees. When asked that same day if we were experiencing a…

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