Nigeria hasn’t offered inspiration but her young people keep winning, By Seun Oluyemi

It is hard to argue with people who no longer believe in Nigeria, because of how terrible our leaders have been over the past 24 years. But I don’t believe in Nigeria because of our leaders. I believe in Nigeria because of our youth. Fintech is huge in Africa thanks to Nigeria’s role; our film industry is inking deals with the biggest film studios and streamers in the world; and our food has been trending in Europe and America. We are doing great for ourselves, despite the situation we find ourselves in.

In 2020, Nigeria also experienced its deepest recession in two decades, plunging almost 100 million people below the poverty line. A major cause of the recession was the decline in oil prices and oil bunkering that diverted precious revenue away from the Nigerian who need it the most. We are dealing with the fallout of the recession and the global COVID-19 pandemic, while worrying for our safety, as security in the country deteriorates. Education is another sector that has been dealt a tough blow, with federal universities on strike for almost eight months now. Inflation is in double digits, forcing food prices to skyrocket. The future seems bleak for young Nigerians who only want a chance to succeed.

But Nigerian youth are renowned for our resilience. We are not content with survival, we have the need to thrive. Across every industry we find ways of expressing ourselves and shifting the culture. Almost two years ago, a small spark started a nationwide…

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