Buhari’s countdown in face of worsening economy, security

DANIEL AYANTOYE writes on the downward trend of the country’s economy and security Nigerians have been facing and the President’s response rate to these challenges

MANY Nigerians would argue that the level of insecurity in Nigeria today is unprecedented. Their shock is even strengthened by the fact that the security situation degenerated under a retired army general, Muhammadu Buhari, who had promised to deal with the situation, alongside improved economy and relentless fight against corruption.

In fact in 2015, he promised that the rest of the world would not have to worry about Nigeria in terms of security if he was elected. But with the level of killings, kidnapping and general insecurity, not only are countries worried about Nigeria, some have issued travel advisory, warning their citizens to be wary of where they visit in Nigeria.

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN), said of the situation during the recent solidarity protest by the Nigeria Labour Congress, “The living standard of our people is getting worse by the day. We didn’t vote for a regime to cause hardship in Nigeria and that is what is going on. As we are gathered here today, terrorism has taken over our country. Hardship has taken over our country. Depression has taken over our country.

“The President is slow in taking action on many things and the All Progressives Congress and the Presidency, right from the beginning, admitted to the slow response to issues. However,…

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