Better Call Saul? Conservatives irked Albuquerque honored fictional ‘Breaking Bad’ drug dealers

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“Better Call Saul”  wraps up after six seasons Monday night, ending the long run of the “Breaking Bad” universe about the Albuquerque’s cartel-fueled drug ring and the underbelly of New Mexico’s most populated city – a plot that is a little too close to home for some residents. 

Albuquerque-based conservative talk radio host Eddy Aragon, who has also run for mayor of the city, believes the average American doesn’t realize how closely the fictional franchise mirrors reality.

“I think what you saw on ‘Breaking Bad’ should be a documentary, honestly. I think, really, that is the reality in New Mexico. We try to say it’s fictional, but that is the reality, the Jesse Pinkman, the Heisenbergs, the man who is running everything, Gus [Fring], and the way that they’re bringing it in from Mexico is exactly the way that it is right now, so we’ve joked that it should be on PBS,” Aragon said. “That is, unfortunately, the reality.”  

‘The Rock of Talk’ host Eddy Aragon told Fox News Digital at CPAC 2022 that the show’s portrayal of crime and drugs in the city is true to reality.


“Breaking Bad” show ran on AMC from 2008-2013 and depicted terminally ill high school chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, slowly transforming into the ruthless methamphetamine kingpin Heisenberg. 

Heisenberg is now depicted in a…

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