Biden’s HHS Hints It Will Extend COVID Public Health Emergency Past October Deadline

The masks are off in most parts of the nation, but it appears as though the Biden administration will extend the COVID public health emergency declaration past the current mid-October deadline.

The White House said in January 2021 that if and when it opts to terminate the public health emergency, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would provide states with 60 days’ notice before doing so.

“To assure you of our commitment to the ongoing response, we have determined that the PHE will likely remain in place for the entirety of 2021, and when a decision is made to terminate the declaration or let it expire, HHS will provide states with 60 days’ notice prior to termination,” acting United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Norris Cochran wrote in January 2021 to the nation’s governors.

On July 15, Xavier Becerra, Secr​etary of Health and Human Services, declared that he renewed the public health emergency.

“I … do hereby renew, effective July 15, 2022, the January 31, 2020, determination by former Secretary Alex M. Azar II,” he said, noting it had been previously renewed on April 21, 2020, July 23, 2020, October 2, 2020, January 7, 2021, April 15, 2021, July 19, 2021, October 15, 2021, January 14, 2022, and April 12, 2022.​

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