Trump troubles could still backfire on his critics, while Biden briefly breaks through

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Is the news really all bad for Donald Trump?

Well, mostly. But there are two key reasons why the Mar-a-Lago mess might wind up boosting him politically.

First the bad news. The former president has moved from saying he was cooperating with investigators to not disputing that he didn’t return all the subpoenaed documents; from calling the Washington Post story that nuclear secrets are involved a hoax to not denying it to saying Barack Obama did something similar (which the National Archives knocked down, since it controls all presidential records). 

Throw in Trump’s claim that he declassified any documents he took to Florida (John Bolton and others say they never heard of such a process), and that the FBI “stole” his passports (which the government has denied), and there’s a lot of backtracking going on. It was a very quick trip from “never happened” to “so what.”


Former President Donald Trump in New York City following the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago home. 
(Felipe Ramales / Fox News Digital)

And his key ally, Rudy Giuliani, has just been notified he’s a target in the Georgia criminal probe that also is focusing on Trump. The former U.S. attorney, who testifies today, knows he’s in trouble.

I know that everyone doesn’t follow the confusing details, and that Trump’s antagonists in the media and politics have been down…

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