Hey Neat, Spend $1,000 On Green Energy And The Feds Will Give You A $300 Tax Credit To Reduce Inflation. Thanks, Biden!

Great news kemosabes, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, you can soon start saving hundreds via tax credits — you just have to start shelling out thousands of dollars on green energy appliances to reap the benefits.

Earlier this week, CNN needled President Joe Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm on how exactly the Inflation Reduction Act would help American consumers, considering that several studies show it could barely impact prices. Granholm promised that the law would “immediately” have an impact if Americans simply put in a little elbow grease and spent some of their hard-earned money to fight climate change.

“Oh I this, this … First of all, immediately, people will be able to lower the fuel costs in their homes,” Granholm said. “There’s a 30% tax credit that you can claim in 2022 for installing energy-efficient windows, heat pumps, energy efficient appliances. That is right away.”

“And, on top of that of course, if citizens want to install solar panels on their roofs so that they can generate their own power, that’s another 30% tax credit,” Granholm continued. “And of course, there is the tax credits at the dealership for the automotive sector for electric vehicles and if you install an electric vehicle charging station in your home, you can also get a tax credit.”

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