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Oro festival: Pastor and church members arrested for allegedly stoning traditional worshipper to d€ath in Lagos

The minister of Truth and The Spirit Prophetic Church in Lagos state, Mercy Okoch, 50, and nine of her congregation individuals have been captured for supposedly stoning a 25-year-old customary admirer, Agboola Akeem, to d€ath during a conflict on Tuesday, August 23 at around 6.30pm.


As per a police source who affirmed this to LIB, officials connected to the Oko Oba Police Division got a pain call that the congregation situated at Number 2 Sanni Taiwo Lawal road in Oko Oba, was going to be set burning. The officials quickly raged the congregation premises.

Fundamental examination showed that the customary admirers were praising their Oro celebration while the congregation individuals were having a faith gathering. The conventional admirers purportedly attacked the congregation premises and requested that the congregation individuals suspend their administration. Oro Festival is a yearly conventional celebration just celebrated by male relatives who are fatherly locals to the particular places where the specific occasion is occurring. During the celebration, females, and non-locals are commanded to remain inside as oral history has it that Orò should not be seen by ladies and non-taking part individuals.

As per the police source, a yelling match resulted between the customary admirers and the congregation individuals and this declined into a battle. All the while, one of the customary admirers was stoned to d€ath. This caused a fury among the other conventional admirers who promised to torch the congregation.

The police had the option to suppress the pressure and cleared the body of the departed and stored it in the funeral home. The minister and nine individuals from the congregation are currently in police authority.

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