Joe Biden Goes ‘Dark Brandon,’ Comes Out Fighting

On Thursday night, the spiciest thing on the internet (at least in political circles) was Joe Biden. You read that right. Joe. Biden.

With its Twitter account, the White House went after the Republican lawmakers criticizing the president’s decision to forgive student loan debt, pointing out with brutal precision the times that they, too, had government loans forgiven.

Democrats were thrilled to see this new feisty attitude from the Biden administration.

“Hey, WH staff, just so you know, if you’re going to continue to drag these hypocrites with clear and hard-hitting messaging, you run a serious risk of surging enthusiasm, electoral success, and continued improvements to the lives of millions of Americans,” author Scott Lynch tweeted.

It also played into “Dark Brandon,” a new meme beloved by Democrats on social media.

“Dark Brandon has the password to the White House Twitter account,” tweeted Dan Pfeiffer, a former top aide to President Barack Obama.

Over the past month or so, liberals have inverted conservatives’ derogatory “Let’s Go Brandon” chant to invent a type of Biden fan fiction where the oldest president in U.S. history is a badass superhero, smiting Republicans and passing legislation for the greater good.

Whether consciously or not, Biden fed the Brandon memesters during a press conference Wednesday. As he exited the room, a reporter asked him whether loan forgiveness was fair to people who’d paid their debts.

Biden paused at the door and…

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