I’ve been indoor for 3 months after my nud€ video leaked(VIDEO)

Hausa film actress,safiyya yusuf, popularly known as Safara’u Kwaa CaSafiyya sain has accused her friends and associates of leaking her nud£ video which went viral on social media.

Speaking to BBC Hausa on Tuesday August 30, the actress who was suspended from the popular Arewa24 movie series, said she has never sent any of her pictures or nud£ videos to anyone and that she is not a lesbian as some people allege.

Safara’u admitted filming herself nud£ in the interview but said she had no plan of sending it out.

She said;

“70 per cent of ladies nowadays have such types of videos on their phones. It is just done for fun, not to go on social media and many ladies do that. I can’t specifically say the person that released the video, but all I know is that it must be one of my friends and associates that take my phone. Because I give them my phone.

I was deeply shocked when I saw the video and how it went viral all over the world. In fact, when I received the news I could not stand on my feet. I experienced a lot of challenges, people were mocking me. There was a time that someone even stoned me, all because of that video. I had to spend three months indoors without going near the gate of our house.”

The actress also revealed that she almost deactivated her social media accounts over the number of insults she got from people but she was later advised by her parents and relatives to take it as destiny.

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