Civil rights attorney blasts Biden’s Wilkes-Barre remarks as a ‘racist 1955 time-warp’

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Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell ripped President Biden for what he considered hackneyed or “racist” remarks during a campaign-style stump speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., earlier Tuesday

Biden spoke just down US-11 from his hometown of Scranton, and regaled the crowd with references to his childhood while making political points.

The president said his father, Joe Biden Sr., would go hunting in the nearby Pocono Mountains when the younger Joe was growing up, adding that hunters like Joe Sr. never required semi-automatic rifles to hunt:

“How many deer are wearing Kevlar vests?” he asked, adding that he has “two shotguns at home [and] I’m not opposed to guns.”


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At another juncture, Biden appeared to reference his work as a lifeguard in the largely-minority Northeast section of Wilmington, Del. He said he was “the only guy who worked as a lifeguard down in the area” of the aquatic center that now bears his name.

“You know you could always tell where the best basketball in the state is and the best basketball in the city is. It’s where everybody shows up,” he added.

Biden previously raised eyebrows during a discussion of his lifeguard tenure, when he recounted in 2017 run-ins with purported local gang leader “Corn Pop” and how the sun would bleach his leg hair blond while he sat on the guard stand.


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